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RPOWER - PeachWorks Integration for RPOWER POS
PeachWorks Integration :
Details :
  • Classification : Integration
  • Category : Above Store/Accounting
  • Market : Bars, Nighclubs, Restaurants and Food Hospitality Environments.
PeachWorks Description :

Staffing and inventory are two of the most important variables you deal with. Forecast your sales to allow you to more efficiently purchase inventory and schedule labor.


Food waste can cripple your bottom line. Take out the guesswork and stock what you need when you need it with our inventory management system.


Recipe consistency is everything to managing your food costs. Quickly build recipes, engineer your menu, and get the nutritional information you need.


Scheduling shouldn’t be a puzzle for you or your staff. Easily build employee schedules and manage your labor efficiently with employee access.

Daily Log

Your operations need consistency, so we make it easy to monitor food temperatures, track your critical checklists, and document important events.


There is nothing “static” about the restaurant business. Promotions, menu changes, new policies and other important information can’t fall through the cracks. Collaborate and communicate with your team, share ideas and files in a safe, secure environment.


All the data in the world can’t tell you anything unless there is a way to process it, analyze it and report on it. Build dashboards, get alerts and importantly get access to the right data to make instant decisions.


Your POS system collects invaluable data every minute you’re open. Connect one or more point-of-sale systems and import your transaction data in real-time.