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RPOWER - ChefTec Integration for RPOWER POS
ChefTec Integration :
Details :
  • Classification : Integration
  • Category : Above Store/Accounting
  • Market : Restaurants and All Food Service
ChefTec Description :
Simple Solution for Your Foodservice Operation

Simple. Easy-to-use. Efficient. For chefs at a foodservice operation with a single profit center seeking recipe costing software with physical inventory taking, this is the product for you. It couldn't get any easier. However, if you have multiple profit centers and need additional functionality, such as perpetual inventory, par levels, ordering options, or network capabilities, then please take a look at the other ChefTec or CorTec products.

ChefTec Basic:

For chefs and foodservice owner/operators needing Recipe & Menu Costing, Inventory Control, and Purchasing & Ordering at a price all foodservice operations can afford.

ChefTec Plus:

Provides additional tools for monitoring costs and tracking inventory. ChefTec Plus offers all of the functionality provided in ChefTec Basic (above) plus perpetual inventory, sales analysis, theoretical inventory reports, and multiple profit centers (up to five.)

ChefTec Ultra:

Our flagship ChefTec product meets the needs of complex operations such as large hotels, clubs, educational facilities, and conference centers with multiple profit centers. ChefTec Ultra includes the Alerts & Reminders Module, the HACCP Information Module, an additional module selected by you, as well as the ability to move information, such as moving recipes between profit centers.