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RPOWER Mobile POS: Everything your point of sale does and more.

Speed up operations, Boost Sales, and Access Business Data Anywhere

Look no Further for Your Restaurant POS System

Speed up day-to-day operations by using RPOWER mobile POS

Split checks, create tabs, and print/email receipts all from select smart devices that connect to RPOWER POS. Your traveling device will speed up service and provide the enhanced customer experience that builds loyalty.

Boost Sales

Your customers are looking for convenience. Turn tables faster than ever before and increase revenue with the device that moves with you. Reduce the risk of send-backs by eliminating errors form lost or illegible tickets. Equip your staff with mobile POS devices that allow them to enter orders quickly and efficiently, table side, or anywhere in your restaurant.

Take Payments With or Without Wifi

Offline payment processing is an invaluable resource when you run into a situation where you have lost internet connection. Take your POS to festivals, on food trucks, and more.

Check Up on Your Business.

Reports are viewable in real-time so you can check-up on your business from anywhere, anytime.

  • Review sales reports and filter by time, down to the hour
  • Check order speed
  • Review any voided tickets

No Credit Card? No Problem.

RPOWER mobile POS offers the flexibility your customers are looking for in payment processing. In addition to accepting cash and EMV chip card, the near field communication (NFC) feature allows your customers to pay using mobile wallets like Apple Pay or Android Pay. EMV/NFC/Payment Types

It really does everything your point of sale does.

Take orders, split checks, receive payments and do everything in between. RPOWER’s mobile POS also allows for manager edits, report generation, and configuration changes to your system. With easy-to-use touch screen, you can say goodbye to notepads and add extra instructions to your order right from your travelling device.

Your Go-To PCI Compliant Mobile System

Avoid collecting sensitive data in your POS system. Safely accept and process cardholder data for all your transactions. RPOWER validates its application software annually to ensure your POS system is always up to date with the Payment Card Industry Security Standards.